Dataset of daily climate data from Chinese surface stations

“China Surface Climate Data Daily Values ​​Dataset” contains 2,434 reference, basic, and general weather stations in China from January 1951 to December 2015. , 0cm ground temperature, water vapor pressure, visibility, cloud cover and other daily data.

Station_Namesite name
Station_Id_CStation number (character)
Station_Id_dStation code (number)
PRS_AvgMean air pressureHpa
PRS_MaxHighest pressureHpa
PRS_Max_OTimeTime of maximum air pressure
PRS_MinMinimum pressureHpa
PRS_Min_OTimeTime of minimum pressure
PRS_Sea_AvgMean sea level pressureHpa
TEM_Avgaverage temperatureCelsius (° C)
TEM_MaxMaximum temperatureCelsius (° C)
TEM_Max_OTimeOccurrence of maximum temperature
TEM_MinMinimum temperatureCelsius (° C)
TEM_Min_OTimeMinimum temperature occurrence time
VAP_AvgMean water pressureHpa
RHU_AvgAverage relative humiditypercentage
RHU_MinMinimum relative humiditypercentage
RHU_Min_OTIMEMinimum Relative Humidity Time
CLO_Cov_AvgAverage total cloud cover0.1
CLO_Cov_Low_AvgAverage low cloud cover0.1
VIS_MinMinimum horizontal visibilityMeter
VIS_Min_OTimeMinimum horizontal visibility time
PRE_Max_1h1 hour maximum precipitationMm
PRE_Max_1h_OTimeDaily hourly maximum precipitation
PRE_Time_200820-08 hours precipitationMm
PRE_Time_082008-20 hours precipitationMm
PRE_Time_202020-20 hours precipitationMm
PRE_Time_080808-08 hour precipitationMm
EVP_BigEvaporation (large)Mm
Snow_DepthSnow depthcm
Snow_PRSSnow pressureKg / m2
WIN_D_Avg_2mi_C2 minute average wind direction (character type)degree
WIN_S_2mi_AvgAverage 2 minute wind speedM / s
WIN_S_10mi_Avg10 minutes wind speedM / s
WIN_D_S_MaxWind direction at maximum wind speeddegree
WIN_S_MaxWind speedM / s
WIN_S_Max_OTimeTime of maximum wind speed
WIN_D_INST_MaxWind directiondegree
WIN_S_Inst_MaxExtreme wind speedM / s
WIN_S_INST_Max_OTimeTime of extreme wind speed
GST_AvgAverage ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_MaxGround temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_Max_OtimeOccurrence of maximum ground temperature
GST_MinMinimum ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_Min_OTimeMinimum ground temperature appearance time
GST_Avg_5cm5cm average ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_Avg_10cm10cm average ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_Avg_15cm15cm average ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_Avg_20cm20cm average ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_Avg_40cm40cm average ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_Avg_80cm80cm average ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_Avg_160cm160cm average ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
GST_Avg_320cm320cm average ground temperatureCelsius (° C)
FRS_1st_TopUpper limit of the first frozen soil layerMeter
FRS_1st_BotLower boundary value of the first frozen soil layerMeter
FRS_2nd_TopUpper boundary value of the second frozen soil layerMeter
FRS_2nd_BotLower boundary value of the second frozen soil layerMeter
SSHSunshine hoursTime
Sunrist_TimeSunrise timeHour
Sunset_TimeSunset timeHour
LGST_AvgAverage grass (snow) temperatureCelsius (° C)
LGST_MaxGrass (snow) maximum temperatureCelsius (° C)
LGST_Max_OTimeGrass (snow) maximum temperature appearance time
LGST_MinGrass (snow) minimum temperatureCelsius (° C)
LGST_Min_OTimeGrass (snow) minimum temperature appearance time